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This website was created with the goal of helping the very poor with their sanitation
and nutrition needs.  It was created to have a means to freely share our many toilet
designs which we have been developing in the past numerous years.  Thus
manufactures or anyone is permitted to copy any of our toilet designs or features
shown on this site.  This site was also created as a means to hopefully gather funds
to purchase plastic molds to mass produce the toilet design which with the least cost
and apparatus can help the most.  
After working with numerous toilet systems which we feel have a vital place, we are
especially excited about our most simple toilet which seems to almost be doing the
impossible.  This toilet although costing very little, and using very little water, or
sanitizers, or covering soil, amazingly controls odor as well as making human waste
easy to deal with.  This most simple toilet, is the toilet we want to purchase molds to
mass produce.  We call it the SimSan BucketMate toilet because it combines with a
common bucket, and therewith provides simple sanitation abbreviated as SimSan.  
Prototypes of this ultra simple toilet have been made and tested indoors and are as
odor free as normal American flush toilets.  
This toilet  intercepts and diverts almost all the urine, and regarding the feces this
toilet requires only a cup or two of soil after each time of defecating to sanitarily deal
with such.  Regarding water consumption truthfully we are presently only squirting
the inside of the bowl once every 3 days with 1/4 cup of water which has a little
bleach in it, while at this rate one gallon of water would last 6 months and a gallon of
bleach 20 years.  Yet when applying this very small amount of water and so rarely, a
little brushing or scrubbing should sometimes also be incorporated therewith.   We
have been testing toilets similar to this for several years.  Although something this
simple is working so well, an odorless toilet does not just happen.  Our first tests
were done outdoors, with sand ignorantly being used, nor was the feces area as
confined and enclosed, nor was the urine so efficiently  intercepted, and a repulsive
toilet odor was noticed 50 feet away.  Very many different toilet models were made
before falling upon something so simple which yet does such an amazing job.   
We understand that it is hard to believe that an odorless and unvented indoor toilet
can be achieved using so little water, bleach, and soil, as it  amazes us as well.  
Even if 10 times as much water and bleach were used, such being a gallon of water
lasting two weeks and a gallon of bleach 2 years, such would still be amazing.  But
we are seeking minimum requirements, and recently  have been testing for such,
and have been astonished at the results.  This system has an advantage over Motor
Home or Port-A-John chemical toilets, whose chemical odors almost cannot be
hidden.  Common top soil, the most abundant and available thing on earth, for many
years has been known for odor control.  
Although sanitation is important, we are not only seeking sanitation and a disease
free environment for the very poor, but are seeking safe compost and fertilizer as
well, and yes this toilet can also efficiently help provide such.   In our research we
were amazed at what we learned and became certain of, and things which everyone
should know, and which yet most do not know.   One  vital issue is that if urine is
kept apart from feces it is not a heath threat as if allowed to mix with the feces and
then somehow mixes with rain water and drains about the country.   Although simply
keeping the urine apart from the feces could help prevent much disease, yet the
very opposite often happens and the urine is infected with feces and then pollutes
the country.
For health's sake always keep the feces AWAY from the urine and water, unless
there is NO chance of infected urine and water draining where it should not!  
Everyone should be aware of this simple yet vital  issue and sharing this site will
help that education happen.   Keeping urine and water APART FROM and
uninfected with feces is especially important in populated areas, and such could
prevent much disease even in developed countries, in a time of crisis, if present
sanitation systems would fail.  Further if urine is keep apart from the feces it is
almost immediately a safe and effectual fertilizer, being high in the same three
elements that commercial fertilizers contain.
 This page shows vital urine fertilizer
results.  Thus appropriate use of the SimSan BucketMate toilet not only can provide
sanitation, but also help efficiently transform that which often creates pollution and
disease into that which enhances the environment and health.  For more information
regarding the SimSan BucketMate toilet please see
this page.  
Bender has spent thousands of hours and significant personal funds seeking and
developing simple and practical sanitation systems for the very poor, and now funds
for molds are needed.   Bender is a natural born designer and began his search for
simple sanitation and composting methods after Google advertized for ideas that
could help the most people.  Not only does Africa have sanitation problems, but
India, China, and many other places in our world as well.  Your help in sharing this
website and getting it out to places and those who could benefit from it, or who
might wish to donate to the mold purchasing cause would be much appreciated.  
Any of our designs may be freely copied and we are not withholding rights to
anything.   Further any personal contribution which you might want to give, can
easily be given on the fund raising page, and no amount is too small.  If a million
people gave only one dime each, we likely would have enough of funds for the
basics.  Thanks for reading, and please explore and share this site!    A  unique
quote says, "hurry up two billion people need to use the toilet and got  nowhere to
go", and while therewith many people are needlessly in pain, diseased, and
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   Note, we expect no one to be interested in this possibly repulsive project except those who sometimes might need a toilet.   
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