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Although our focus has been developing sanitation systems for
the poor, this toilet could be very useful even in developed countries.
Chlorine Toilet
Uses no soil  
This simple chlorine toilet uses no soil, while the it neither separates the urine and feces.  Although
not designed for attaining fertilizer, this simple toilet could be very useful in many situations even in
developed countries.  It has been tested and with the unique GATE system has been found to be
as odorless as a common American flush toilet by simply adding 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bleach daily.  The
gate remains closed at all times, except for defecating, and thus most always nicely blocks both any
chlorine odor as well as waste odor.  Further emptying this toilet is uniquely sanitary and
convenient, because it includes a blending system which powerfully blends the feces, paper, and
urine, which then can be emptied through a quite small discharge hose while the waste area
continues to be nicely obstructed.  The blending is done by simply holding the toilet by its handle
and quickly rotating in one direction and then the other.  In doing this special wire fins and paddles
in the toilet waste area blend up the waste, after which all the waste in the toilet is loosed and
broken up and is prepared to be emptied through the smaller discharge hose.  If this portable toilet
is emptied into a common flush toilet, a special lid could be placed on the receiving toilet with a hole
provided for the discharge hose.  
This toilet could easily have a small BLOWER mounted on it making it more odor free than normal
flush toilets when defecating.  We have tested such BLOWERS on several models.  Many
possibilities and options remain which we would like to test.  We have tested floating oil to cut odor
instead of using so much bleach, while possibly special long lasting and floating soap suds would
also work for odor control.  Another option that we would like to test is having a small compartment
on the toilet where bleach could be poured and which bleach then would slowly drip into the toilet.  
If any manufacturing company wishes to make this toilet, please contact us as Bender has
numerous further details to share regarding it.   
Below are photos of a waste blending system which was made and tested.  When this test pail was
rapidly rotated back and forth while holding it by the handle, the urine, feces, and paper was nicely
broken up by the wires and fins and then were easily emptied out through the attached hose. A
banana was tested and the wires nicely chopped it up.  When the bucket is rapidly rotated in one
direction and the other, the fins of the mixing system rock back and forth in a manner that creates a
powerful circulation in the pail.