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HSS Waste Mounding System
The Floating-Dump-Ramp sets on top of the walk panels. Turning the crank forces the
Floating-Dump-Ramp ahead when the system needs moved ahead.  In typical usage likely some material will
need removed from the front before cranking they unit ahead as the crank system has limited pushing power.
Watch the crank turn.
Watch all the moving parts!  
   Acts a bit like a bulldozer!  This system pushes back on the walk ramp and thereby pushes the
Floating-Dump-Ramp ahead.   As long as the long walk panel arrangement does not buckle up this
crank system could be made to apply significant forward pressure.  
Another walk
panel is a added
every time the unit
is moved ahead.  
The Floating-Dump-Ramp can be manipulated in numerous ways as shown
below.  It can easily be lifted and soil added underneath both the side shoes and the
main body.  There is little reason that it should ever get stuck.  
One hundred canisters a day would take
care of a city of 15,000 people even if a significant
amount of soil was included.  The whole ramp
system might need moved ahead once each day.