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Although it is hard to believe, when the feces bin is emptied it can easily be poured out and there is little or no odor,
simply because of the soil added and absence of urine.  This toilet uses no chemicals (which can only control odor for
several days), but rather by incorporating soil and a sealed urine container it controls odor indefinitely.  This particular
toilet can be used for light portable toilet applications, or set up more permanently for heavy usage.  The urine can be
drained into a larger container, or drained outside.  A larger soil-feces waste container could be kept close by to  
conveniently empty the feces bin into.
Portable Toilet With Separate Feces and Urine Compartments.
Useful for both poor and developed countries
Another option with a toilet very similar to this would be to set it up in a house with a basement and therewith have
a large soil-feces bin in the basement.  In that system rather than needing to empty the small feces bin by removing
it and pouring it out, the feces bin (although similar to this) would have a trapdoor on the bottom of it, which would
be above the larger bin in the basement.  To empty the small toilet waste bin,  you would simply pull a lever and it
would automatically dump the small bin contents into the larger bin in the basement.  To attain the best sanitation
and prevent toilet odor with a minimum of soil, the feces must fall into a small cell that is not real deep and there be
covered with soil.  To allow the feces to immediately fall into a large bin far below and there try to cover it with a
little soil would not work well, as the feces could not be covered properly, nor would the soil and feces mix properly,
nor would odor be minimized.