Vital Links Regarding The MOSLET
The revolutionary toilet with potential to zap
the crap and STOP the slop
in third world countries.
Bringing back the gleam to the polluted stream!
Note, to get by with this minimal amount of soil, (one cup of loose soil, seven ounces),
the soil must be very carefully and efficiently applied.  A special applicator is presently being
developed to help provide convenient and efficient soil application.  Naturally more soil and water,
than the minimum, can be used if users wish to.  

HSS at the beginning of their sanitation project, would never have imagined
that what is presently being done, actually would work.  But as numerous unexpected results were
experienced, and without odor problems, even less soil and less rinsing (water and bleach) continued
to be used in their indoor testing.  Unbelievable results continue to manifest themselves in this
inexpensive and conveniently sustainable system.  All people, including the poorest, should be able to
attain and sustain this simple system.  Nevertheless, if things are not done as they easily can and
should be done, odor will be a great problem.  Please study the links given above.
Please see the text below this page.
The MOSLET removing all excuse for human waste pollution from our world!
MOSLET project
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The Moslet, old mind sets does debunk, as no one in their right mind would have thunk,
that such a simple toilet would not have stunck
water system
with water saving
of  80-90%
The SAVELET Toilet
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